Monday, May 7, 2012

Viv Lyde and the power of receptivity

Backside Tailslide
 Raph Brous and I went for another skate together at St Kilda beach. This time, however, we were fortunate to have been accompanied by Viv Lyde. We skated a ledge which I frequented, and which I associated with specific tricks. Fortunately, when Viv arrived on the scene, he opened my eyes to a fresh perspective on how the ledge is to be used. (I'll let the accompanying photos of him skating speak for themselves.)

One thing that especially stands out about Viv's skating is his ability to perform very delicate as well as sharp moving tricks. Tricks that require a quick whipping action while travelling up or at obstacles at a formidable speed.  
Backside Smith Grind
Which quality affords Viv the ability to perform such high precision movements?

Well, one thing for certain, Viv is a highly receptive and good listener. He has the type of listening ability which is the hallmark of maturity. While intelligence generally involves the ability to originate, understand, and apply information - 'brain capacities' - maturity refers to the link between intellect and emotion; the brain and the heart. Here, receptivity plays a pivotal role.
Frontside 5-0
The emotions of a mature person are aroused by his thinking and back his words as he talks. When discussing a serious issue, his emotional disposition is serious, and when making a humorous remark he bears a frivolous undertone. In contrast, when an immature person talks, there's often an incongruity between his feelings and the ideas he presents. 
In a nutshell, here's how receptivity fosters this aspect of maturity: one who can't listen to others, can't hear himself either. That is, his emotions are not easily roused by his own thoughts. The effective listener, however, who is moved by another’s words, finds that his emotions are also receptive to the contents of his own mind.

During my conversations with Viv, I observed his stillness while he listened to what I was saying. I also noticed that he speaks slowly, thoughtfully, and his words come out with a depth of feeling and inwardness. Especially so, as he spoke about his relationship with his father, 'Lobby Loyde',  who happens to have been an important and influential figure in the development of Australian Rock music.
I believe that the same internal space that allows Viv to be receptive to others, as well as his own thoughts, also affords him the ability to be highly receptive to his own actions while skating. And, even if this quality is not the primary source of his skating talent, I'm confident that it plays a role in enhancing it.   

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  1. Hi Dovid , Its Nick here from the Prahan Skate park. Just wanted to say I think its awesome what your doing here. Keep it up