Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Skateboarding: What's Love Got to Do With It?

What does love have to do with skateboarding?

Intrinsically, nothing and everything:

NOTHING - in the absence of skateboarding love continues to exist, just as it exists independently of all other activities aside the act of loving itself.

EVERYTHING - without a love of skateboarding people wouldn't skate, or at least not creatively and adventurously.

Ultimately, all forms of love spring from 'self-love' as the line 'Love your friend as you love yourself' suggests. But what is self-love?

Love for self springs from an awareness that one is a manifestation of God, a branch of the Tree of Life, formed with absolute attention to fine detail and a precision that utterly defies human comprehension.     

With self-love, one ceases seeking love and approval from others and liberates his mind to experience skateboarding sensually; as an art-form and medium for soulful expression.

With all embracing self-love one becomes a robust organic whole rather than comprising of many vulnerable parts or components and injects his entire being into every maneuver. 

Love fosters devotion to the object of love and draws one to focus their attention to fine detail. Love thus engenders a skating style that's smooth, stylish, and sophisticated.

Sometimes we collide with a soul so unconditionally loving that our self-love is ignited and fanned, instantly transforming our skateboarding into as newfound an experience as the love itself.

Here, love is a cocoon that allows one to free himself of his shell like inhibitions and to skate as an extension of his core - his unique psychic fingerprint...