Saturday, June 7, 2014

Viagra for Skateboarders

 'An erection is like the theory of relativity - the more you think about it, the harder it gets.' 
Author Unknown

'And Adam Knew Eve...' (Genesis)
Why does the Bible use 'knowing' as a reference to the sexual act? 
Because sexuality hinges on awareness and focussed thinking. 
Chassidic Commentary 

What are the core features of sexuality?

1. Bonding forged through strong pleasure;
2. Reciprocity whereby giving and receiving pleasure become simultaneous;
3. Revelation of a deep part of oneself, be it in the form of an orgasm or the transmission of one's genetic code;
4. Creativity effected through the blending of two genetic codes.

According to a basic principle of Kabbalah, Hitkallelut, inter-inclusion, where every human psychic force is seen to contain all others, the sexual dynamic is visible at every level of the psyche:

In the realm of thought it brings us into a pleasurable bond with subject matter and rouses the creative mind to flow and combine with the subject matter to yield a personal and unique conception of it.

At the emotional level it allows us to forge a delightful bond with another which heightens our awareness and sensitivity to their person and cultivates authentic emotional exchange.

It also affords the body a heightened responsiveness to stimuli. When dancing to music, for instance, one may bond with the music so profoundly that the body locks into and moves with it automatically.

Interestingly, sexuality and thinking are tightly bound. This holds true despite the positioning of the head and genitals at opposite ends of the body and irrespective of their clashing natures wherein thinking accommodates multiple alternatives, order, and high levels of abstraction - even transcendence - while sexual energy pulls one into a singular focus involving physical bodily pleasure.

The strong link between sexual energy and thinking is visible in that while most external body parts can be activated and controlled directly by an assertion of will, the genitals are less compliant, requiring  something additional for activation: sustained thought about the beautiful and desirable aspects of an object. Will your hand, leg or eye lid to move and you get a near instant response. The same can't be said about the genitals. (So calling the male organ, 'Willy', as some do, really makes no sense!)

At all levels, such focused thinking fortifies intimate bonding while distraction - due to fear, other enticing opportunities and the like - diminishes it.

A skater's bond with his board is quite sexual. It's forged out of pleasure, involves simultaneous devotion and gratification and evokes both deep seated euphoria and creativity. The ability to consistently kindle and sustain a genuine desire to skate is thus an important part of the activity.

So what can one with waining inspiration do to re-activate, strengthen or disencumber their bond with  their board? In light of the above, here are a few basic suggestions:

a. Contemplate the beauty and elegance of skateboarding or specific skateboarding tricks (watching skateboarding DVD's can help);
b. Recall the satisfaction one gains when mastering a new trick;
c. Set goals in the mastery of tricks (since sexual energy entails a desire to culminate);
d. Improve one's ability to focus the mind in general;
e. Approach skating with a relaxed playful attitude so that one's spontaneous and creative self has the freedom to emerge...