Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Security versus Freedom: How tight are your trucks?

Some people prefer loose trucks, others prefer tight trucks. I discovered this upon lending my skateboard to other skaters. One skater kvetched, 'I can't skate this board, its way too stiff; loosen it up man!' Another complained that it was too wobbly. In general, skaters that prefer looser trucks want mobility: a slight press on the right or left of the board should make it swerve in the desired direction. In contrast, those that favour tighter trucks are ready to forgo 'board responsiveness' for the sake of stability and security. The former opts for freedom; the latter, security.

Kabbalah discusses the spiritual qualities of Netzach (dominance) and Hod (sensitivity). The most straightforward connection between these qualities and board tightness preferences would be to link a tight board with Netzach and a loose board with Hod. In the former case the skater dominates his board and denies it 'freedom'; in the latter, he is more sensitive to it and loosens its 'reigns'.        
However, Netzach and Hod are considered 'twins.' This is due to their general entwinement and capacity for role reversal which often renders them indistinguishable. For example, in skateboarding one's preference for tight and firm trucks - apparently an expression of Netzach - may actually be due to a Hod-hypersensitivity to the board's wobbliness which some skaters find disorienting and destabilizing. The expression of Netzach is thus really an expression of a hypersensitive Hod. On the other hand, one that favours loose trucks (Hod), is typically after precise maneuverability and control of his board, an expression of Netzach.

                      Such is the twin nature of these qualities: 
                                            Netzach expresses Hod and Hod expresses Netzach.                       

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