Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sacrificing beauty: a beautiful sacrifice I

Skateboard manufacturers and skaters are conscientious about the appeal of the graphics on their skateboards. Almost every skateboard has a unique and colourful artistic design on its underside.

Some of the graphics are truly works of art. Indeed, I've heard several skaters say that they feel like hanging their freshly bought boards on their walls rather than damage them through skating. I too have felt the shame of destroying an object of such beauty and craftsmanship. And let me tell you, for most serious skaters, the artwork is pretty much trashed after a mere few skate sessions.

The irony is that skate companies continue to manufacture skateboards with graphics, and skaters continue to prefer impressive graphics, despite the incredibly short lifespan.

Surely there must be some depth to this phenomenon?

(My answer to this question stems from my own introspection and needn't be generalized to the expe