Monday, July 11, 2011

Skateboard: The Divine Chariot I

Ezekiel the prophet experienced the heavens open to reveal a glorious heavenly chariot with faces on each of its four sides. On the right side was the face of a lion, on the left an ox, on the front an eagle, and on the back, a man. Riding atop the chariot was the image of an entire person.

In Kabbalah, Ezekiel's vision is explained in practical terms. The Lion signifies passion and courage, the ability to aggressively and fearlessly pursue goals. In contrast, the ox signifies submission, tolerance, and an ability to carry a heavy burden. Both animals and their parallel human traits express remarkable strength. The ox has been used by farmers throughout the ages to plough fields and to carry bundles. Its strength lies in its ability to carry heavy loads and to endure monotonous exercises such as walking around and around in a furrow. The Lion, on the other hand, lacks tolerance for discomfort but is an incredibly ferocious, dynamic and shrewd hunter. The lion gets what it wants! 

The eagle signifies a lightness of being. The ability to free oneself from the pull of attraction and desire. Its about being psychologically lightweight, agile, and versatile. Its not about struggling but transcending. The eagle's motto: 'Ive got bigger fish to fry!'
Finally, the human face signifies the ability to integrate the preceding three attributes: to be aggressive and dynamic like a lion; to be patient, tolerant, and submissive like an ox; and to be light, free, and casual, like a soaring eagle. The human face signifies this balance because of his free choice and complexity. Animals have specific and rigid natures which they can't modify. Thus an ox cannot behave as a lion, nor a lion as an ox. In contrast, a human can choose to cultivate all sorts of  attributes within himself, even if they initially oppose his nature, and to integrate them into his behaviour. A human can choose to practice the tolerance of an ox, to attack and devour like a lion, or to transcend like the eagle.

The image of a person resting on top of the chariot refers to the manifestation of the Divine presence. The more one harmonizes the various attributes within his psyche, the more Divine presence channels through him. G-d is One. He manifests in unity. Unity is G-d's Chariot.

And now to relate this to skateboarding...


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