Saturday, July 2, 2011

I hate 'Haters' II

Critics in general play a significant role in an industry. Supposedly, they help maintain the quality of art or work. In a sense, they are the gatekeepers of industries. Haters, however, differ from ordinary critics in several ways:

- Haters tend to throw out the baby with the bath water. Instead of providing a balanced view of someones output, identifying both the advantages and disadvantages, they completely annihilate it.  

- Haters often attack people personally rather than addressing their skills or the quality of their product. For instance, one attack on a brilliant skate tutorial reads: '...Is it just me, or is this guy really ugly?! Of what relevance is an instructor's attractiveness to their ability to teach skateboarding?  

- Haters are unnecessarily vulgar, sarcastic, and derogatory. If one offers critique it should be in order to make - not break - the recipient. Why not speak respectfully and explain how an individual can improve  rather than plainly belittling and humiliating them?  

- If critics preserve the quality of an industry, haters do much to detract from it by creating an unpleasant,  immature, and threatening environment in the skate scene.
- Critics are usually experts in their field, their opinions are respected, often invited, and even payed for. Haters, in contrast, are typically unqualified, come uninvited, and are certainly not employed to contribute their opinions.

 In a nutshell: Haters are not to be confused with critics; they are correctly labelled 'haters'...for all they seem to contribute is hate!


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