Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing it inside

 Today I was invited by James Kennedy to an indoor mini ramp. What was extraordinary about this ramp was its location in the main space of a granny flat, with bedrooms extending from both sides. You could roll right off the ramp, straight into bed.

The ramp wasn't merely part of the furniture, it was the very floor and walls.

The scene reminded me of a study which explored the different relationships people have with art. Individuals that were raised with artwork in their homes were found to treat art as a part of their furniture. In contrast, individuals who came to appreciate art later in their lives were inclined to treat it as an aesthetic object. Hence, whereas the former may, for instance, use an antiquarian desk as their main work/study desk, the latter would be cautious to preserve it by leaving it untouched. Additionally, the former group's appraisal of art was based mainly on personal preferences and tastes, while the latter group's was based largely on theoretical principles.

In other words, the first group exhibit a personal connection to art, while the latter have a more aloof intellectual relation.

Which category does the above ramp owner fall into in relation to skateboarding?          

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