Monday, February 6, 2012

A soul of life - skating with a missing leg!

There are two sources of life, one external and the other, internal. The external source includes air, water, food, clothing shelter, etc; while the internal source consists of energy flow from the soul: motivation, inspiration, creativity, love and kindness, etc. These energies animate and invigorate the body.

Clearly, both are indispensable, but which is primary?

Describing the creation of Adam, the first person, the verse states, "...G-d fashioned Adam from the dust of the earth and blew into his nostrils a soul of life." Before Adam inhaled his first breath - or ate his first slice of pizza! - he was already a living being on account of his soul. This indicates that the soul is the primary source of human life.

These sources of life find their parallel in 'skate-life'. The internal life-source constitutes a skater's motivation and passion, hope, courage, psychological resilience, etc. Whereas the external source is a skater's physical health, agility, muscle strength, etc.

Of course the two are interdependent and reciprocal. The health of the body influences an individual's courage and motivation, and one's enthusiasm and hope typically inspire one to develop one's physique. Nonetheless, it's apparent that the two are separable. Some skaters are physically healthy and strong but, lacking passion, determination, and courage, remain mediocre skateboarders. On the other hand, there are skater's lacking a sound body, but whose determination, optimism, and creativity lift their skating to the highest of heights.

One would assume that healthy legs are essential for a skater's performance. A missing leg in 'skate-life' is almost analogous to the absence of oxygen in life proper. Ostensibly, it should preclude or bring an end to a skateboarding career. Joe Comer, a world class skater with only one leg, proves this wrong! His incredible story proclaims that life resides predominantly in the soul; it brings the notion of a 'soul of life' to life..                                

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