Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heaven and earth

'One man's trash is another man's treasure'

The solid earth supports us from beneath, while the ethereal blue sky surrounds us from above. We walk comfortably and securely on the earth, taking the stability it affords us for granted. We gaze up at the sky with awe at its vastness and wonderment at what it veils.

Each individual also lives in between a private earth and sky. The earth signifies skills and abilities which one has become so proficient at that they've become second nature. These are the solid patterns of behaviour which one performs easily, which one takes for granted. The sky, however, suggests the skills which are still  above one's reach, which are looked up to with admiration and hope.

Yet, one person's earth is another person's sky. What has become so basic and easy for one individual is a formidable goal for another.

Nowhere have I observed this more clearly than at the skate park. On one occasion, a skater arrived at the park and casually warmed up by performing tricks way beyond most skaters' ability, even when skating at their best. When I praised his skating ability he was dumbfounded. From his vantage point he was nonchalantly strolling on the earth, not piercing the sky. On another occasion, I witnessed a skater execute an incredible trick only to criticize his own performance as being 'sketchy', that is, far from perfect.

Herein lies the human mission: conquer the sky until it becomes earth, but only to look up again with wonder and awe at the majestic blue sky above...                          


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